or are we??? 

Rather than running around making images, we “decided” to do some real work this weekend, so Friday we have a few pallets of sod being dropped off and we’ll see if there’s any “Galloping Gardner” in us.  We’ve already weeded and the topsoils mostly good cause I got it tested today.  Gonna lay out the planters with landscape cover first and throw the sod over the next day or so.  It’s been pretty cool at night so maybe we’ll use that to our advantage.

Haven’t had a chance to work on my Brenham images yet but it’s still on the list.  Next, we looked into some Wildlife Rescue/Refuges relatively close to us in San Antonio.  I’d love to try and photograph some  of the animals in their habitat rather than thru the bars at the Zoo.  Just ideas…

Actually, looking forward to having a family get-together on Easter this year.  Just having the kids over and having a chance to cook for everyone, even though I have to work that night.  It just…works.

Stay safe