It’s gonna be a good day!  In the last 36 hours we (the 2 of us) laid 3 palletts of sod, delivered moved and spread 46, 10 pound bags of accent lava rock, finished off the front front planter bed with 10 bags of mulch and picked up 16 more for the back!

Yeah for us!!!

Stacy still sleeps better than me. We stopped at 2 so I’m up trying to be tired again til the alarm at 9. 

Today will be the back yard, finish off 3 beds and collect leaves.  Spread grass seed and…STOP!!!  Might be easier to just buy the silly house myself at this point…

Upside is her boys are coming over tonight with their girlfriends and we’re gonna have a family get together.  Ham, Turkey, green bean (special dish), garlic mashed, and cheese bread (special dish). I’ve never done this and am looking foward to just relaxing and laughing…Cooking and good friends always does that for me.

It’s been a b***buster and my body is reminding me that I’m 45 and not 25…but I’m pigheaded and determined.  I honestly don;t feel that bad, just tight and tested. Stacy and I have some great things on our  bucket list for the next 30 years and I have to get back into functional, if not fighting shape.  I WANT that, both for me…and us.

So…here’s to a pretty yard/house, decisions, new family, and doin’ things the”right” way for a change. I KNOW it’s gonna be…my kinda perfect…

HAPPY EASTER ya’ll, from San Antonio, Texas