We had a great weekend! It started with 3 pallets of sod, 56 bags of lava rock, 43 bags of mulch, 700 sq ft of landscaping fabric, and 2 determined people. We had a goal and we achieved it!

Doesn’t really sound like a great weekend but it was! We finished the yard just in time to take showers and get dinner ready. Doug thought ahead and ordered most of our dinner from the Honey Baked Ham store. Therefore, it was a quick easy dinner. The kids, and their girlfriends, loved it. I think all of them went back for seconds (and fought over the last of the broccoli w/cheese). My kids must be crazy because they, and their girlfriends, kept us laughing all throughout the meal. It was awesome! No serious Easter dinner here…we didn’t set the table, we all filled our plates buffet style, and everyone helped in the cleanup (and there were almost no leftovers…they must have been hungry).

We then went and set on the backporch admiring how amazing the yard looked. The temperature was perfect. We continued to talk and laugh. The kids asked me about their Easter Baskets as they were about to leave…oops…I almost forgot. However, no baskets this year. Instead I bought all the usual candy and placed it in large plastic cups (I knew the kids could use them…). They were just as happy as if the Easter Bunny himself had joined us…ok, maybe happier.

Several hours after the kids left, my oldest sent me a text message. It read “thank you for a great easter ma!”. I know it was a successful day when my kids are happy….

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from today….