It was a full weekend if nothing else!

My daughter got her high bowling score Saturday (233)! It almost made up for the fact that we were in alleys from 9am til about 9:30 pm for the 3 leagues she’s in, it was worth it though.  I’m proud of her and all the work she’s put into it!

Of course, after laying all the sod last week, San Antonio is now under Stage 1 Water restrictions.  This means we can only water by sprinkler Tuesdays before 8am and after 10pm.  This means that, between the two of us, we’re hand watering twice a  day to make sure the sod does its thing.  Now Stacy has a pretty pink camo chair to sit in the front yard and water from.  It’s the little things…

We had family and all the kids over today for an informal get-together.  It was easy, cold cuts, homemade veggie tray, homemade potatoe salad, and pies for dessert.  Everyone had a ball teasing each other and laughing.  It was nice to have all the kids around and hear their discussions.  Stacy and I talked later about trying to make this an every week thing, as schedules allow.  Kinda like us laying out one night a week as an “us” night.  It just feels ‘right’.

Got the radio on in the room as I’m writing this and listening to Lee Brice’s “A Woman Like You” and I have to smile.  Stacy, I don’t know what I’d have been doing if I never met a woman like you…  Probably on a collision course with the inevitable. 

My Best Friend

 ‘You’ have made such an incredible, positive difference in my Life and I can’t imagine, now, doing this walk without you beside me.  The photography, traveling, friendship…things I haven’t even thought of yet.  You mean the world to me, Starshine.  Today…tomorrow…and for as far as I can see.  Thank you for holding my hand.

I promise, every day, to remind you why you fell in Love with me and show you, through my actions, that it’s the ‘right thing’.