I know, with kids graduating and trying to sell the house, that things are going to be “money tight” this Summer.  I was looking on-line last night and remember a trip my daughter and I had done back in ’03 or ’04. We flew to Rhode Island to see family, but then took the Amtrack train back through New York, Virginia, Chicago, and on to San Antonio.  It was probably the same price as an airline ticket but was secure, had a sleeper car, all meals were included and we could sightsee.

I’m trying to search out ideas, but am thinking about taking Stacy to Longview Texas (about 11 hours) for a hot-air balloon festival at the end of July. I think it would be a good photographic opportunity. I want to do Santa Fe, New Mexico but it’s almost 45 hours one way and it’d kill me trying to get approved for that much time off work.  Chicago is a workable idea though.

That said, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for Amtrack routes that might be photographic or interesting in the Summer months?  I’ve got friends near Mount Rushmore that might be worth a scouting out as I think of it. 

Damn Diabetes cost us a day at the gym today! I went back on my old High Protein, Low Carb diet a week or so ago and the sugars still bouncing around.  Just gives me nausea and makes me more tired than normal. I’m confident it’ll level out once I get into a pattern or routine. 

Tomorrow’s our approved watering day.  We can use the sprinklers and don’t have to stand around and hand water!!!  I know, little things…