Perhaps so but getting back to the gym (heck, just getting outta bed in the afternoon) has become a daunting experience!

I’m determined to get back into some kind of shape (besides pear-shaped) so I feel less cumbersome and have more energy.  Just to feel better in general.  On that note, Stacy has convinced me to join her gym with her.

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve belonged to an organized gym and things sure have changed.  This place is like an amusement park on steroids!  Just uncountable rows of cardio and weight lifting machines, huge studios for dance/exercise classes and their dumbells even have in between sizes (7.5 lbs.)!

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Everyone seems to be clad in some form of Spandez or Lycra (whether they can pull it off or not) and color coordinated to boot. That is…on the gym floor.  In the locker rooms it’s just the opposite!  5 or 6 guys standing, butt naked, in front of a long counter and mirror, hair dryer in one hand and comb/brush in the other. I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole!

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The facility is clean and I LOVE the pool and hot tub, it’s just a little different than I’m used to (ok, a LOT different).  I might go without Stacy, but that’ll be a long time coming.  Right now I’m concentrating on NOT falling off the elliptical machine and convincing myself that I don’t need the elevator to go up and down stairs!

You know, Stacy gets so jazzed about just going and what working out does for her.  It’s almost worth the price of admission just to see that look on her face when we’re done.  Besides, I figure I’m doing my part in helping the economy ’cause I’m gonna need to buy stock in Motrin very soon!

I know I growl and grumble when it’s time to get up (already?) Starshine.  Thank You for understanding, pushing (nicely) and supporting me. Thank you for being my partner.  I couldn’t, and probably wouldn’t, do it without you.                       BEAR

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