The Look on your Face, that Sparkle in your eyes.  Every day I see something else that just makes me more certain of my committment to you.

      I’ve found my “Best Friend”. Someone with ideas and interests that mirror my own, while at the same time, offering ideas or suggestions that I hadn’t even thought of.

      There’s no hint of separate “responsibilities”.  Something that needs doing is put on the table and approached with a 50/50 attitude.  No scorecards or measuring tapes.  So simple and easy and it works effortlessly in every compartment of our lives.

       I look forward, every morning, to coming home to you, wrapping you in my arms, pulling you back against my chest and going to sleep listening to the sound of your breathing. 

         You, Starshine, are perfect…for me.  I’m 100% ready for the next day, the next adventure with you; whether it’s a run around the corner to Lowes, or a roadtrip on our next photo excursion. 

          Thank you, for taking my hand.