…of my “decision” to break out of my little box I made for myself and literally jump off a cliff. 

“I could not love thee half as much, loved I not Honor more.”  –Richard Lovelace 

That said, I’m learning, gradually, that if I truly believe this, then I don’t have the right to decide for someone else, what, or whom, they can love.  I’ve always shrugged my shoulders when looking at a “mismatched pair” and just said, “Well, if it works for them…”  Now I truly believe that I’ve found something, someone, that works for me.

Starshine, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that at 44 years old, I’d be given the chance to start a family, make a home, and settle down with my best friend.  YOU have helped make all of that possible.  With that said, I DO realize that most of the “doing” was God’s and that somehow we were able to be our ‘real’ selves and relax and open our minds and hearts to the possibilities.

There’s always been a big part of me that felt I needed to ‘take care of’ and ‘make sure’ and work to protect the ones I cared about.  I’ve come to realize though that a realtionship built on communication, flexibility and compromise is more stable that anything I could construct alone.  50/50.

Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, for holding my hand and taking this walk beside me. I have a feeling that the pictures are going to be amazing.