This July 4th marked a first, Starshine’s first attempt at Fireworks photography and I think she did a great job! Yeah, I know I’m biased but I’m bigger than most.

They cancelled all fireworks in San Antonio because of the drought but somehow, about 3 or 4 hours before shows, all performances were back on.  We went from a lazy night in bed to…go, go go!  Me, waking up slowly as always, took the back seat and left my camera at home.

We headed downtown and took advantage of hospital priveleges and parked on the top floor of the hospital parking garage, giving us a mostly unobstructed view of fireworks downtown as well as those at Fort Sam Houston.

Tower Life warm-up 3 second exposure

Fueled by Burger King (hey, we only LOOK grown-up) Starshine set the tripod and camera up next to an elevator shaft.  The wind started blowing pretty heavily so it turned out to be a good decision.  She used her remote and (through the benifit of digital) took some “warm-up” photos to get her technique spot-on.  ISO 100, f-5.6 and a 3 second exposure worked at twilight but she moved to about a 2 second exposure once the brilliance of the fireworks was taken into accout.  She also used her circular polarizer so give her a little longer exposure as well.

2 second exposure

I like what she accomplished and it gave her more confidence.  Like I said, it’s digital so if you don’t like it, try something different.  We’re taking a “vacation” this wekend to Kemah, Texas and they do a fireworks show over Galveston Bay every Friday night.  Supposed to be 6-7 mph winds and good weather.  I’d love to try some kind of reflection of the fireworks over the water… I like playing with low light and long exposures so maybe I’ll have something decent to load on Monday. 


2 second, tight crop

Close up.
Is it a heart or Mickey Mouse, or…???

Either way, with family and work committments it’s been a while since I’ve been able to escape with my Best Friend and we found a great deal on a place to stay so I’m looking forward massaging the creative side of the Bear.

Above, within, around
2 second exposure