Alright, I know I promised to loose weight and get back in shape (who hasn’t said that?).  So, one the way home from work this morning Stashine suggests we start by taking a “short walk around the neighborhood”  Alright, it’s about 0830 and only in the low 90’s…pretty okay for San Antonio.

So we get to the end of the road and she says, “There’s a little walking park we used to walk at when my son was in high school.  I know my way around there”. Sure…mind you I’m still in my scrubs and crocs cuz we were just going around the neighborhood.

Three words…They…Did…Construction…

When we found our way out of the park it was just shy of noontime and100+ with no clouds in the sky.  I had run out of song verses and was into James Taylor by the time we we got to the kitchen table.

What about glasses???

Well, got to work tonight and there was an emergent call over the walkie talkie for immediate help to a certain room.  Wasn’t my area but… The lady is 420 pounds, evidently they had done CPR earlier and were now trying to get her onto a full-sized hospital bed.  It took 6 of us, as big as me, to roll her and move her onto the other bed.

Went back to my scanner to look at some images and reached in my pocket and… That’s okay, they’re cheap and I’ve got back-ups in my bag.

Then one of our young nurses came over giggling with my glasses, in a clear ‘belongings’ bag….covered in…I don’t know what but it wasn’t pretty. “We went to clean her and they were…you know… I can run them through the sterilizer…”


Time now for some Eric Stone music (think Jimmy Buffett/James Taylor/Jim Croce), check out Bob Bitchin’s new “Cruising Outpost” website, and transport myself to the islands.

I truly love what I do…but some nights…

Be Safe