Day 1: This was a long day, in that it was really 2 days. You see, we work night shift, got off work around 0730, and had a morning flight. I had most things packed when he got home. We rushed around a little, then off to the airport for the “hurry up and wait” process. We paid $1 for a documentary on Denali NP during the first flight. Not a bad way to spend a dollar. Then the next rush began again…We arrived in Atlanta. We had less than 15 minutes till our next flight started boarding (35 before take off). We landed at the end of Terminal E and we leaving from the opposite end of Terminal B. To my suprise I made a comment on the plane and people actually let us get off ahead of them. We made a quick dash to the train and down the neverending concourse. We made it! Whew…even had a minute to buy a Coke Zero from the kiosk at the terminal. We boarded the plane and I played a few games of scrabble, on my Galaxy, with an 8 year old flying home alone. Then I collapsed into Doug‘s lap and slept for an hour or so. Next thing I know it’s time “for the Stewardess to prepare for decent”. I wake up, pack away my headphones, and look out the window. I see that we are coming in along the coast. I love the water. I see trees! This may sound silly to some but go live in south Texas for a while, you will learn to appreciate trees.

Once we are on the ground, all the phones turn on, kids checking their Facebooks, calling for rides, letting loved ones know they have arrived. We make our way to the baggage claim area. Doug is looking for his sister who is picking us up. He made the comment “I’m not sure what color her hair is this time”. Luckily I keep up on Facebook and told him it was blonde. She on the other hand is looking for her big brother wearing his signature hawaiian shirt. He was wearing basketball shorts and a tshirt. I hid (not really but kind of) most of the hawaiian shirts. I think there is more to life than one type of clothing. Anyway, they both recognize each other and away we go to get our luggage.

On the road to Doug’s parents house…Laurie, his sister, warns us that her A/C is out in the Explorer. No big deal in Rhode Island (Texas…another story). It is only 82 degrees here. The roads heading out of the airport/Providence are heavy with traffic (but it is 5:30pm…time to go home from work). Still the ride didn’t take too long. I notice how green everything is here…trees, grass, plants. Nice to see that (back home I am breaking the water restriction rules just to try to keep my grass alive). As we head to his parents house I notice the homes. They are not all “cookie cutter” like at home. Some small, some a little bigger, some one story, some 2 story.

His parents are very welcoming. It is nice here. Dinner is ready but no rush, relax a little first. I love that the windows are open (you can’t do that in Texas in the summer). You can feel a light breeze coming through the house. At Doug and Laurie’s suggestion, we make a quick run to Iggy’s and get some clam cakes and chowder. We add it to the dinner that was waiting. The clam cakes, chowder, sauteed veggies, slaw, and seafood salad (ok…everything) was good. We sat out on the back porch and had dinner (very relaxed, nothing formal). Talking and laughing just enjoying each others company.

We come inside for the evening sit down to watch the Olympics. I think I saw 5 minutes of it before I fell asleep. My turn to turn in for the night. However, Doug and his parents stay up for a bit spending time together. Everyone is sleeping now (it is 6am) and I have been up since 4am…the curse of falling asleep so early. However, I am listening to the crickets, birds, and occassional sound of what I think is an owl. We are far enough away from any major highways that I only hear the occassional passing car. Daylight has come now. Maybe I will try to sleep till everyone wakes up…if not, the internet is always there for me…