Day 2 started with a drive around the area, just  a little sight-seeing. It was a foggy morning. We could just barely see Naragansett Bay while sitting on the seawall (even though the bay was just 20-30 feet below us). I do have one question though. Against the seawall the waves were crashing into giant rocks. At the waters edge (where the waves were breaking), the rocks were covered in moss or seaweed or whatever plant was growing on them. The next set of rocks (presumably where the water comes in to at high tide) were black as tar…Why? The next set, closest to the wall, were just plain rocks. We sat on the seawall for a few minutes and just enjoyed the sound of crashing waves and the smell of sea air. As we drove back to the house, the sun began to burn off the fog.

Our next journey was to Portsmouth to see the gardens at Green Animals (a topiary garden). We walked around there for a bit. We laughed 🙂 , sweated 😦 , and broke the rules (I touched the topiary…see the picture to follow).

We then headed off to lunch at Twin Willows. We started with a couple pounds of steamers. This was my first time eating steamers. They were awesome! We moved on to quahogs (a big clam stuffed with stuff…lol). That was another amazing experience. We finished our meal with crab cakes. There was no disappointment there either.

The day then took us back to the house. I guess the jet lag and lack of sleep the previous couple of days caught up with us. Next thing I knew, we were asleep and it was several hours later. Therefore, I write in this blog at 3:30 am again. Going to try to go back to sleep for a bit so that I can enjoy Day 3 🙂