Day 3 got off to an early start since I woke up at 3:30am and could go back to sleep. Good thing was Doug was awake by 4 and he couldn’t go back to sleep either. So, crazy me said lets start the day. A quick shower, throw some clothes on, and away we go.

This morning was not foggy like yesterday. We took a ride down to the seawall and shot some sunrise pictures. I would love to tell you they came out gorgeous but it was fairly cloudy so they were hit and miss shots. That’s ok, it was a beautiful morning to sit out there and watch the waves, sunrise, and the one sailboat as it passed.

After enjoying the view from the seawall, we headed off to BlueBird Cafe for a good breakfast. I had an omelet with bacon, mushrooms, bell peppers, and colby-jack cheese. As well as some home fries, a biscuit, and coffee. It was a good filling breakfast.

After breakfast it was time for some more sight-seeing. Since we were out and about so early, nothing was open yet. We drove by lots of little shops, marinas, inlets, and other sites (Alexis…if you are reading this, this included the Purple Cow…we are gonna try to go back though). As we were heading to Bonnet Shores, I saw a little pond filled with Lily Pads and Water Lilies. I had Doug do a quick turn around and found an opportunity to take some beautiful pictures.

We then made our way to Bonnet Shores. We walked along a small beach where we could see one of the bridges here, lots of sailboats, a lighthouse, and a large ship (Endeavor) docked at the pier. The sand was soft. The water was cold (for me, I’m a Florida girl). It was overcast and a little hazy. The temperature outside couldn’t have been better. We stayed there for a bit then headed back up the hill to take a few pictures of an old church and cemetary that Doug said he had never had a wide enough lense to photograph (but now he did). After this, we headed back to the house for a while to visit with Doug’s parents.

Since it was still early, we decided to head out to Narragansett Town Beach for a bit. It is just a quick 10 minute drive. We threw our bathing suits on and grabbed a couple of towels. After setting our stuff down close to the water, we headed in. Again, the water is cold to a Florida girl. According to the newspaper, it was 77 degrees. I figured if all these other people can do it, so can I. After a few minutes to adjust, it was just fine. We played (ok, got hit by waves and laughed) in the water for a while. We layed on the beach for a bit. The sand was warm on my legs. We headed up to the snack bar for some clam cakes, doughboys, and Dell’s Lemonade. It had been explained to me that a doughboy was like a funnel cake, sort of. I have to try everything at least once. I get my doughboy and first of all, it is bigger than the plate they give it to me on. Instead of what I know as a funnel cake where you can pull it apart and it is crunchy throughout (covered in powdered sugar of course), this is just one big piece of fried dough (shaped like a pancake). It tastes good but I would need 7 or 8 more people to help me eat it. So, I take a few bites, around the edges because I like it crispy, and move on to the clam cakes. Doug was in such a hurry to his clam cakes that he actually burnt his throat on the first bite. The Dell’s Lemonade, a Rhode Island thing, was good. I love frozen lemonade. I could go for another one of those. We took one more dip in the ocean and headed back to the house.

Some of Doug’s family came to visit for a while. I met his Aunt Cathy, cousin Tina, and her two little girls, Grace and Olivia. It was a good visit.

We had dinner at home. Doug’s mom cooked a chicken cordon blue, some eggplant, and sauteed veggies. It worked for me. Everything I have had to eat here so far has been excellent. Doug picked on his father all through dinner (a little more than I liked but apparently that is the way they have always been and it’s ok).

After dinner, a friend that Doug has known for almost 30 years came by. Jack brough his daughter,Kristen, and her boyfriend, Jay, as well. Ok, this is when it gets loud…literally. Doug, Jack, and Jay…not sure how to say it but when they tell (and in Jay’s case listen to) stories, there is no volume control. Doug and Jack grew up together. It was funny to hear the same stories that I have already heard but from Jack instead of Doug. They even used the same words. Kristen loves photography like I do. We showed each other some of our work and rolled our eyes as the stories were told. It was good to meet them. I know Doug was happy to see them.

After such a long day, I was exhausted. I actually slept until almost 6am this morning. Today holds the Fool’s Regata and the Sunset Lighthouse Tour. Enjoy yesterdays pictures and I will see you tomorrow.