Well, it is our last day in RI. Time to head home tomorrow and return to reality. I know I’m a little late but here is the recap of yesterday.

We started our day with a quick run to Dunkin Donuts to get some Munchkins for the kids. What kids? Tammy & Nimith & kids were coming over to visit. Tammy is one of Doug‘s cousins. I had a good time with them. The older 2 are boys (right up my alley) and the youngest is Malena (their only girl). The kids were playful and inquisitive (and also well mannered). Tammy’s parents, Cathy and Bill, also came over. They were headed to the beach for the afternoon. When they left, Doug and I made a quick (ok, as quick as possible, run to Iggy’s for some clam cakes, dougboys, fried calamari, and one last quahog (for now). We returned home with our goodies and Doug’s uncle (his mom’s brother) Tommy and his wife Jean were there. They stayed for a bit. We talked about places they had been and done. He is retired military. I love to travel and we spoke of some adventurous things we had done and found some new ideas for others to come.

In the afternoon, Doug and I set out for one last sight-seeing trip. We headed to Point Judith Lighthouse and a Fisherman’s Memorial that was pretty close to it. I loved the shots of this lighthouse. Doug got some great shots of surfers as well. I will say that the pictures I took yesterday were some of my favorites from the trip.

We returned to the house for dinner. Doug’s mom, Claire, cooked homemade clam stuffed flounder, sauteed vegetables, and maccaroni salad. It was all wonderful. Don’t tell…but I could used to this. We topped off dinner with some watermelon. After dinner, Doug, his sister Laurie, and I went to Twin Willows for a drink or 2 and some more steamers. Steamers are addictive. We didn’t stay out late but we did have a good time.

I got a text from Laurie this morning just before we boarded the plane. She said it was nice to see her big brother smile again. I know (because he has told me) that it has been a while since he was happy. I’m glad he smiles, it’s part of what makes me happy. I’m glad I make him happy too. Oh and Laurie if you are reading this, I did hear you introduce me to your “patient” as your future sister-in-law. You never know…maybe someday 🙂

Today: The long flights home. Bottom line…we made it. Doug is getting his hour and a half nap in before work tonight. I hear him snoring, he didn’t think he would fall asleep but he did. I hate that he has to work tonight. He did get a little shuteye on the plane but I know this will be a long night for him. I go back to work tomorrow night 😦 One day…I will give up being a nurse and be a full time photographer!

Here are some memories we brought back with us from yesterday…