Like Stacy and I have said before, one of the things we enjoy about photography together is the subjective nature of what we both see.  The “same” image from either of our cameras at the same time, can be completely different.  It’s all interpretation…

That said, before I go back to Rhode Island, I’d like to offer a nod of appreciation and Thank You to someone I haven’t met.  Lt. Col. Dan Bohmer returned from overseas recently.  Many of us on WordPress followed his blog, Nine and a Half hours Ahead, as he chronicled his time away from his family.  I just wanted to say thank you for a glimpse into something I’ll probably never see.

One of the things that Rhode Island is plentiful in, besides seafood, is waterfront views and Lighthouses.  One of the things I wanted to do on Stacy’s first trip to where I grew up, was to check out things from the water.  So we went out on a Narragansett Bay lighthouse cruise
































So, having imaged things from the water perspective, we decided to borrow my parents car and see what we could find “off the beaten path.

Just off Point Judith Light we found some surfers and I decided to try some panoramic work.  I had been looking at Abe Pacana’s sight on WordPress and found, somewhere in my cameras sub-menus, a 180 degree pano setting…so I tried…

Point Judith Light

Setting Up





Salt Spray





Drifwood off Point Judith point

Seawall into Narragansett Bay










Next we fixed our sights inward to the Stone Windmill

in Jamestown, South Ferry Church near Bonnett Shores,

and a dragonfly hovering over some lillypads.

Jamestown Windmill




Creative License






Perfect Angle




South Ferry Church








Creative Dragonfly









We were invited to tour a Topiary Garden which was my first time and rather interesting.

View onto the Bay



Topiary Arch










What Sign????









The “Other” Bear

Among Friends






The Flowers were kinds neat too