I was listening to one of my favorite acoustic guitarists, Mark Mulligan, on the way to work tonight.  You know how sometimes you can hear a song, or read a poem, and the words are just “there”…they just hit home….

He talks about when we’re young and things are rocky and not going the way WE feel they should go.  We “shrug my shoulders and roll my eyes and say, That’s Life.”

Fast foward to our third or fourth decade on this big, blue ball.  “That’s my house at the end of the road, you wouldn’t believe how much I owe.  But…I’ve got my kids, my friends and my wife…and THAT’s Life”.

I think many of us, myself included, allow ourselves to be burdened and overshadowed by things that, not only can we not control, but in the big scheme of things…don’t make a difference.  Like Mark sings about, “the bills keep piling up and the trannys going out in my truck…”

Don’t forget the things that matter and that REALLY make a difference in this life…and don’t let those material ‘bumps in the road’ cast a shadow on them.  To quote someone I can’t remember, “Tomorrow is promised to no one”

Despite other things that sometimes shake my ground, I reflect back on meeting Stacy and not knowing, at the time, that I was even missing a part of me. It’s reassuring to know and be able to accept, what “That’s Life” means to me.

If you get a chance, and you’re more computer savvy than me, I’m sure he’s got stuff on You Tube. Check out Mark Mulligan…That’s Life…