Stepping back a few years…what happens when you take a seasoned Radiology Tech, and avid photographer, from a Level 1 Trauma center and plop him down in a new out-patient imaging center? He gets bored and turns to ‘creative’ photography.

While I have little problem running an almost 2 million dollar Cat Scan machine, simple computer applications can be taxing.  In my “typical” photography I compose the scene in the lens and, other than a nuetral density or polarizing filter, do little in the computer enhancement of my images.  Now I wanted to try something different.

I started with a 2-dimensional, “coronal” (front-facing) image from a Chest Cat Scan.  I transferred it to an independent workstation where I made it a “jpg” image and simply colorized it.

Simple colorized Chest Ct

Now, feeling a little froggy, I decided to try something else.  I’ll drop in a couple of images and see if you can figure it out…

White Spiral



Subtle Swirl


Hint…I came from the East Coast, have a daughter who collected things, and was bored…


Yup.  I captured some of her seashells and did regular CT scans of them first.  I then transferred them to the independent workstation and jpg’d them.  From there, I threw them into a 3D program and converted them to “surface-shaded displays” which I then colorized.  Fun to play with and I made wallet sized that I gave to some of the kids (patients) we had come through there.











I tried some more abstract stuff with geodes, the little meteor rocks with colorful centers.  I had some sliced like a loaf of bread. I put a piece of black construction paper, with a hole cut in the center, over an X-ray lightbox. I fixed the camera on a tripod with the lens perpendicular to the plane of the light box and bracketed my images to give less light and more color.

Starting slice



Well, that’s about it for my creative angle.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to upload some of my B&W “texture” images.