I had been wanting to post some of my Black and White work for while but the computer had other ideas.

I like using B&W especially for texture and for extremes in age, both with people and objects.  I like the way it pulls out the lines and “character”.

This is a trio from a ghosttown ‘project’ I did a few years back.

Tuff, Texas

Tuff Post Office door

This was taken on Town beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Lying on my stomach in the cold, November beach sand, I tried to pay attention to the light and texture of the old, sunken pier at low tide.

Sunken Pier

Turning around and walking back towards the beachhead, I saw the snow collecting against the cabanas.

Beach Cabanas


The extremes in age, from San Antonio to Terlingua.

San Antonio Mission Concepcion entrance









Old Gravesites in Terlingua, Texas


Adobe mud gravesite Terlingua, Texas












Architecture is always a good bet with B&W, trying to follow lines, planes, and angles.

Underneath the Railroad Trestle, San Antonio, Texas


Enveloped in Fog Newport Bridge, Rhode Island