Well, we didn’t do as much photography this weekend as we would have liked, but we had fun and played around with some HDR work.  We scrapped the zoo idea on Saturday because the line to get in was well down the sidewalk.  I was on call so that kind of limited the distance we could travel also.

Sunday afternoon we made the almost 2 hour drive out to Lost Maples in Vanderpool Texas.  The drive was senic and we saw quite a few deer (and large racked bucks) feeding just off the road.  As far as the foliage we came for, it was one of those occasions you had to make the most of what you had and photograph to make things seem ‘larger than life’.  It definitely won’t compare to the New England foliage back home but it was nice just to be outside.

Red Leaves


Water and Colors










I found some water to play with reflections and, if you look, the individual leave images were shot IN the water.  The water there is so clear there’s almost no distortion.












Submerged Leave











Black and White bark










This is the first real HDR imaging I’ve worked with.  I like the clarity and brightness of the image.

Cedar Trail in HDR


Well, that’s all for this trip.  Starshine has some images she’s working on too so we’ll see what she came up with to magnify what little color we found.  I need some ideas for photo projects, I’m running blank. Any suggestions???