So Stacy and I managed to both get the same time off last week, but then couldn’t find an imaging project.  Her Grandma turned 94 last week, and loves owls, so we decided to hit the zoo. I researched it online and they have 3 species of owls, and I remember going to a hands on class for kids with my daughter a few years back.

So we get to the zoo, temps in the 60’s, plan our approach and attack…and can’t find the dumb birds? We finally find a zoo worker to ask (yes I’m a guy who can ask directions) and she tells us “Oh no, that whole section is closed for renovation. You can’t go in there”.  Frustrated, I look at the area they have the owls house in, and it’s only blocked by a wooden traffic barrier. I’m not saying we crashed the gates–but it WAS a little ajar and my hip MAY have brushed it when I was trying for a closer look…

Anyway, they have the poor owls housed in what looks like a concrete dog run.  About 20 feet deep by 8 foot wide with no windows, lighting through the gate-like fence that is the door. AND there are just 2 Spectacled owls.  To say it was a challenge to shoot would be an understatement.  We tried to keep our apeture around f-4 or 5.6 and our ISO down but the lighting and fact they were 20 feet away.. You be the judge


Single Owl (Can’t figure out how to rotate image)









Dual Owls


Here are some of the other images I was impressed with for one reason or another.  I guess Stacy beat me to the punch and posted some of hers on Facebook AND THEN got on this blog!  SO some of what you see may look identical.  I’ve said before though, one of the many things I enjoy about falling in love with such a talented person, is that we can take the same images, with a completely different vision in our heads about the finished product.  In no particular order…here are my winners…

Baby Bear

Curious bird











Blue and Red

Orange Bird

Black Bear


Wrinkles in Fabric

Two of a Kind

Get all your ducks in a Row


You want a piece of this??

Not a hand out…a hand up…

Holding hands and trying to be brave






I can do this…









What are all you staring at???



When I grow into these paws…









Elephant snack time. They put the treats in that beer keg behind him. He shakes the can with his trunk to get them out.


Well, that’s most of the adventure.  I DID go Black Friday shopping, go to an outlet mall (and got out of both without anyone getting hurt), and watched football.  Those were adventures for another post.