About 6 months ago, Starshine decides it’s gonna be less expensive to buy a “Sodastream” machine then to keep buying sodas. She’s given us all instructions on how to use it…it’s not rocket science.  She uses it every day. I think I’ve used it twice.

Today Mamma wanted a Coke with her fried chicken for lunch and, of course, KFC only had Pepsi. No bigee, I’ll just make her one at home.

I thought I paid attention during Starshine’s inservice… Not so much I guess.  If you add the syrup to the water BEFORE you carbonate it, the explosion WILL almost completely cover a 15×25 foot kitchen.

I thought I had cleaned up my mess but, when she got home a few hours later, my better half found it STILL dripping OUT OF the kitchen cabinets!