I was just asked, by a co-worker of ours, if we’d be willing to do a “Trash The Dress” session with her.  Of course I said “YES” before I thought it through.  I’ve done two wedding shoots  personally for family by “accident” and both got positive feedback.  In the first the photographer met the clients and accepted front money but never showed up.  In the second the photographer showed up, but had forgotten to charge his camera batteries.

I’ve done some quick research, courtesy of Google, and seen some beach, grafitti,  and paint ideas.  We’re in San Antonio Texas so the beach thought is out. Lake water is a possibility, and I’ve thought about shooting downtown at night in black and white around some grafitti covered walls.  She wants to absolutely ruin the dress and have a good time… The rest is all in and balls out so I thought about finishing in mud or doing something with paint.

I’m reaching out for any and all ideas and thoughts.  I’d like to stay in and around the San Antonio area when it warms a bit. She’s about 5’2″, blonde, caucasian, and has this dress hanging useless in the closet.  She worked a shift with Starshine the othe night and saw some of our work in their downtime. She’s evidently gotten out of the relationship that owned the dress and is now into another and ready to have some fun. I know she’s comfortable with Starshine and myself. 

Open to any and all ideas.