I’ve never been one to believe in coincidence, but sometimes I’ve been known to raise an eyebrow.  Back in December 2010 I managed to get tickets to a house concert with one of my more favorite acoustic guitarists.  Brent Burns plays trop/rock, or a “Jimmy Buffett” style of music. Songs about sailing or the ocean in general.  I had bought two tickets but ended up solo that night and I couldn’t think of what to do witht he other ticket.  Ultimately, I went by myself and had a ball listening to his guitar and stories with 20-30 other people.  Really kewl!!

The next day (a few hours later) I was at a bowling match and called Starshine (who I didn’t know any more than a bowling coach) to thank her for a ball she had donated.  That conversation went back and forth for a couple of hours just before lunch. So, for some unknown reason, I fell out of my hammock and invited her to lunch.  What the Hell was I doing??!!

Big Bend

Big Bend





An hour or so later, I found myself sitting acrossed from her at Chili’s eating potatoe skins and salmon.  The converstaion skated around bowling and kids and then one of us, and I honestly don’t recall who, mentioned photography.  That was it.  For the next hour or so we talked about subjects and techniques… She had photographed Yeosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. I had worked with water and light, night photography and outdoor images.

I told her about the house concert the night before and how I had tossed away a ticket because I couldn’t think of anyone to invite.  And she said, “Well, I was home…”

We made plans the next weekend to photograph at one of the city parks and play with some long exposure compositions and water.  We had fun for a few hours, went to breakfast and just relaxed.  I can’t tell you where the transition was, where things got “serious”, but they did. Very easily and comfortably, a learning curve for the both of us.

February found us exploring the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National park.  In June we were in Rhode Island and delving into a world of Iggy’s clamcakes, lobster and steamers. December found us with family at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  It was easy and it was good.

Alright...now what???

Now, as this journey comes full circle, another begins.  A few months ago I started squirreling away money, a little at a time.  I managed to get the ring I wanted…and she said yes!  We go on vacation later this week and on Sunday we’ll make it official.  On Monday, about 5 miles from where we’ll be married, Brent Burns is playing a gig at a little restaurant by the water.  This time, she’ll be there next to me.