We got up early, mostly to find sustenance but also cause we were both like little kids at Christmas and couldn’t stay in bed any longer!  On the Lido deck, among the abundance of breakfast foods, we found a little corner with two guys making omelets.  No, that’s not fair.  “Making omelets” is too bland for what this station was.  They started with either eggs or egg whites and then included a huge array of vegetables, meats and cheeses to fill it with.  Without doubt, a meal all in itself.

galveston cruise 007

We went back to our room to go through our camera gear (we both elected to bring our small, waterproof cameras) and paced…quietly… We stood on our balcony, looking through the haze into the dense greenery in the hills.

galveston cruise 020 - Copy

I know that I’m showing my age, but I took my first “selfie” ever coming into Montego Bay.galveston cruise 028 - Copy

galveston cruise 027 - CopyWe docked right at 10:00 and made our way down the gangway to the bus depot.  Here everyone divided into their separate shore excursions.   We had decided, the night we bought the tickets, to do a combined zip line and river kayaking “experience”.

We filed onto the little bus (a limo compared to things to come) along with 12 or 14 other people who would share in our experience.  I know that there are upscale, wealthy sections of Jamaica’s second largest city. There’s also the “hip strip” of Gloucester Avenue.  From the looks of the scenery rolling by, I think we missed that left at Albuquerque.

We drove through small, populated areas with signs for food, groceries, and of course, a “Gentlemen’s Club”.  No, seriously, it was a big white sign with hand painted black letters. I’m pretty certain I’m not tough enough to walk in.

The ride was a little disconcerting because: they drive on the opposite side of the road, the roads are very narrow, and directionals appear to be non-functioning.  We wound up a steep hillside, with no guard rails, and into the dense greenery we had seen from the ship.

The driver, in his Jamaican patois, was very good at identifying and explaining places as we drove past.  After about 20 minutes we turned off the main road onto a narrow, one-lane dirt road for about 2 miles and ended at the “Chukka Jungle Outpost”.

We were greeted by two young men, maybe 23 years old, who explained that we’d do the zipline first and follow that with a 2-mile river kayaking trip.

I have to take a minute to say how amused I am at times with my ‘people watching’.  As the boys are talking, this girl behind me asks her boyfriend, “Do they speak English here or do they just talk like that to be original?”

We got fitted for our swiss-seat/harness and gloves and followed our guide out to the first of three platforms.  He explained there would be two guides at the next platform to catch us and one young man who acted as paparazzi.

phone 934phone 935

I have never ziplined before. Now I have.  Can’t say that I enjoyed it as much as Starshine, but it WAS an experience.

After the third platform we dropped our equipment off at the “Outpost” and picked up our life vests for our kayaking trip

galveston cruise 034 - Copy  We started off behind their shop and wound through 2 miles of inland rivers.  Most everyone set off by themselves with the exception of one family who insisted on rafting up together and having one of the guides tow them for the whole trip!

galveston cruise 037 galveston cruise 046

The scenery was beautiful with different flowers and trees.galveston cruise 040 galveston cruise 044

We saw a man poling his raft down the river.  The guide explained that he was a fisherman and trapper.  He would pole up and down the river each day checking his traps and fishing where he could.galveston cruise 038

It was amusing listening to the young guide behind us unabashedly hitting on one of the young girls in his Island lilt.


We beached the kayaks and got onto their “bus” for the most adventurous part of the trip.  The vehicle had an enclosed drivers cab and half-a-dozen bench seats for passengers–and NO sides!

Picture, if you will, giving your 23-year-old son and his friends a set of keys, access to an old vehicle, an old, bumpy dirt road, and simple directions to get from Point A to Point B.  It’s a recipe for stories.

One guide was driving and one was standing, hanging off each side of the truck.  The paparazzi, we out-weighed the others by about 75 lbs., stood on the running board next to me.  As we took off, I had my right arm wrapped around that back of the seat and my left hand wrapped around his belt so he wouldn’t fall off.  Then it was a contest for the driver to see how many ruts he could hit and how high off the ground he could get the truck, all with his buddies hollering encouragement at the tops of their lungs!  Let’s just say that there were many wide-eyed passengers.  Although we got back to the Outpost unscathed we brought home many stories to tell.

We got back to the ship hungry but there were sparse picking on the Lido deck so we decided to walk around a bit.  6:00 found us in the piano bar with Sassy talking, listening to the guitar player and waiting on dinner.phone 933

We talked about changing our sleep schedules or taking naps because we both came close to falling asleep in our dinner tonight.

We DID awaken though at another dinner tradition we weren’t aware of…dancing.  Suwit and his helpers, along with 20 or 30 other servers, broke into song and dance with Flo Rida’s “Shorty go Low” all over the dining area!  They succeeded in getting some guests up to dance, but most of us were just picking our jaws up off the floor!

It was a prefect end to an unpresictable day and we both went to bed smiling.  Tomorrow we have a 7:15 meeting on how to board tenders? as we dock in Georgetown, Grand Caymans!