We took advantage of a long weekend in February. We decided to pack up our cameras and head west to Big Bend National Park. Doug had been before but I had not. It was a great experience seeing many beautiful places and wonders of this world. We stayed in the Chisos Mountains Lodge and had the opportunity to go to sleep, and wake up, to amazing views. These pictures are a compilation of some of our favorite photos from the trip. In no way is it a competition to take the best photo between the two of us. It is only seeing a shot through a different set of eyes. It is great to appreciate what the other one sees.


And a family was raised here? It is cooler inside than outside though…

The road less traveled

Santa Elena Canyon

The sky and canyon wall

The Rio Grande as it exits Santa Elena Canyon

My ride in the desert

Desert Beauty

Santa Elena Canyon from a distance

Mule Ears

The “Windows” at sunset

Colors at sunset through the “Windows”

The view from our balcony early in the morning

Doug’s cactus

Stacy’s Cactus

Ghost Town

Art in a Ghost Town

Stop #11 – The Cemetary

Morning Clouds

Colorized Mountains in the Mist

The Glow of the Sun (as it begins to break through the clouds)

The Mandrone

Doug’s amazing shot of a branch from the Mandrone tree

Amazing color

Stacy’s Mandrone flanked by clouds

The view from the top…a sea of clouds

The Sun always Shines (sometimes you have to be above the clouds to see it)

The Moon as seen by Doug

Stacy’s view of the Moon

Rio Grande at Hot Springs

Stacy’s view

Mist on the Rio Grande

And the clouds rolled in…

Clouds of Silk

Now for the long ride home with lots of memories