Oceans Peace

As the evening sun begins to set against the horizon

I walk across the still warm and sandy beach in silence.

Watching as the white crests of the icy blue waves

  break at my feet and quickly slip back into their domain.

The strong smell of the salt air,

  and the sharp cries of the segulls,

Serve to calm my mind and place my tightened body at ease.


A small rock, worn smooth by the gentle caress of the waves

Stands in silent testimony to the fact

  that Time’s clock will forever chime…

It cannot be stopped by our wishes…

But it has no control over our dreams,

  or our memories.


For memories are what brought us here

  and dreams will carry us forward.

So if you find yourself thinking of what lies around the bend;

Lift up your head and open your eyes…

Don’t let the good things in Life start passing you by.


As the soft glow of moonlight reflects off the crests of the everbreaking waves,

I walk away from the beach

  and end my solitary retreat.

My return to this place, I know

Will be as certain as the soothing force

  that beckons me here again and again.


–Doug Clark