In September 2003, The Internantional Library Of Poetry selected “Reflecting” and “The Watcher” for inclusion in their anthology Eternal Portraits, as well as

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“The Watcher” also received an “Editor’s Choice Award”.


“Reflecting” was written in February 2000 while watching my daughter Alexis.




I gaze down at your body lying in my arms

   and watch the steady rise and fall of your chest

Your energies spent, sleep comes on quiet feet.

Your body gives it harbor as soft breaths flow past your lips.

Sometimes, this gift I’ve been given takes my breath away.

That feeling I get…

The way her face lights up, the warmth of her smile

The strength of her arms as she hugs me.

Those feelings of unconditional love that still amaze me.

I realize that, without question,

I would make any sacrifice for her;

I would move the mountains if necessary.

Though times may change and people may come and go 

My feelings for you, Sweetness,  only grow stronger.  

Thank God for this gift!

Thank God for my daughter